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The pdf print files for profiling, will be supplied in your local format.

Different formates can be downloaded later as well.
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Please select your spectro and create your workflows.
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Choose the spectrophotometer you are to use with you system.
If you are using more than one device, choose only one of them here, as other device information and data can be downloaded later.
Create workflow
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Example:PRINTER NAME Application.

You may have a case where you use the same printer for different application.
In this case make multiple workflows to suit.

myprinter1 commercial
myprinter1 photobooks
Workflow Preset
Use a preset to simplify the setup with default settings.

Afterwards all settings can be optimized via the Expert page.
DFE or RIP. This is the computer which drives your printer.
Choose from the list or choose other if yours is not mentioned.
This is the model of your printing machine.
Choose from list or choose other if your machine is not listed.
You must select a "Application Curve".
Graphic Art will give the best reproduction for commercial printing.
Photo will give the best reproduction for RGB workflows such as photobooks.

1 - 10 are pre sets based on Default giving toner/ink saving with 10 as a max saving(preset).

These setting can be changed later, and with guidance.

We suggest for First time user select Graphic Art or Photo depending on application.
Your workflows DFE Printer Curve
Please you need to download everything.
Mandatory downloads
Click Download all.

A collection of set up files will be sent to your downloads folder.

The files downloaded will depend on the choices you made in the wizard.
However here is a minium list.
ColorPort (mac or pc) installation package.
Print Kit (Contains targets for printing and instructions on setting up colorport) based on the spectro you choose in the workflow section.
DFE set up manuals - Instructions on how to set up your DFE/RIP(s).

Further instructions and downloads can be obtained once the site is finally login.